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WTF is up with yahoo new layout. not liking so far

edit, on one window, its the old set up. on another is different. weird.

LOL at Mike still uses Yahoo. You use Alta Vista too?

i don't know what that is.

i have a Yahoo email is all.

Jim still uses AOL. :P

You can't compare yourself to a dinosaur to make yourself look better Mike. Jim was the first person to use the interwebs, true story.

The new CEO at Yahoo (the young woman they plucked from Google) is kicking it into high gear, I'm interested to see what she'll do. I have a friend who works at Yahoo and I'm sure she feels better about her job with this new CEO.

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"Black rain" in Italy from Mt Etna:

Proof that there is something worse than a salty New England winter when it comes to maintaining your car.

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