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+702 left... come on guys get me into that -!

Startled me

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shiny tires...

Will it make my car faster?

Will even more chicks do me?

If the answer is no to either of the above then it's no good.

Shit. With my 2 mil I own a real wood one.. no pussy foam carry board for me.

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Lets put it this way..... My new tires were a nice pretty dusty grey/white color...

So obviously shiny tire > grey tire.

Ahhh I see what you mean there...

I'm just looking for something I can spray on once, and not have to reapply every week. uknowaddameanmang!!??

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Guess you have to be a Nintendo collector to appreciate but apparently the gold cartridges are even rarer. Highest price one of these has sold for.

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I bet the auction for cart was artificially inflated as most ebay auctions are as you read the wikipedia article they even state that to be the case in previous auctions. Just look at bid history at bottom of all the retracted bids I have never seen so many in one auction.

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so my microwave certainly is NOT 1100watts. nor was that celeste pizza not fully cooked....

damn double negatives...

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The funny thing is none of this is news in France. He doesn't have the balls to be as blatant as previous French Presidents were.

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Billings drivers paying lowest gas prices in nation

I know some of you, no all of you have it worse but I've never had the privilege of lowest in the nation so go me! Usually we are on the tail end of the trend of whatever the national average is doing. When prices are rising ours usually rise a bit more slowly than the average and once we top out above average and prices fall, it takes our prices forever to get down to or below average.

Of course this is the crappy E10 that I try to avoid but still, no complaints. Our E0 Premium is about 30 cents higher than the lowest posted unleaded price.

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