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They still make em - but recently stopped

They are selling pretty cheap. LG and Samsung are all thats left.

I love the picture quality of the plasma but they use twice the amount of electricity in a year compared to most LED and they are darker lit/ glare - main reasons they are getting pushed away

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Samsung and LG still offer plasmas but are going away.

We have a 5yo JVC 48" plasma in our bedroom and it doubles as a heater.

Just bought a new 55" Samsung LED and I like it way more than the plasma.

Ha yeah - dont know too much about the cooling design in these but some are certainly hotter than others. Friend has a random black friday brand one from years ago that is like you said, a valid heater in the winter ha.

family member has one of the 50" Panasonics thats 3d/smart 600hz/1080 plasma and its never nearly as hot...

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