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So I was in Las Vegas for business this week and took my usually dawn patrol walk past the casinos. (not many people around and the ones that are out are usually interesting to watch since they probably have been going all night) My late night partying got pretty much used up in the last century.

I saw these recently discarded Daisy Dukes in a planter box.

I'm trying to imagine what the story is as to how these ended up there, any guesses?


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Been a week now with my re-tuned ECU and all seems well. No more hesitation, most importantly no more bucking, and no other issues that I've noticed. My boost doesn't come on as strong or as fast as it used to, but that was the original issue that was causing the bucking so that's understandable. Also gets better mileage; was getting avg 22.5... first tank with new tune was 24.9. I need to reset my wastegate, might do that this weekend and hopefully that'll put some of the insane pull it used to have back (not that it's slow now by any stretch). With the first tune I had to have it set at around 1.8psi IIRC and it should be around 4psi, if I set it any higher I was getting overboost codes. Now that he pulled the boost back in the tune I'm hoping I can bump that. All in all, I'm super thrilled, it drives great now and my manual swap is FINALLY 100% (year and a half later). I'd update my original manual swap thread but only the first page still shows up.

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