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 That being said, could it reflect the thought of some of the old R's being more valued years and years down the road?

why would this cause old R's to be more valued?

I'm not seeing the connection unless the thinking is that the intrinsic value of the Brand "R" changes / disappears as a result.

oh, and the panty twisting has already started...

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Maybe but Not as much as you think. The E30 M3 is really the only M car to appreciate so far. (Not counting the M1 and original hand built M5 as those were very limited production)  E36 M3  and E34/39 M5 are kinda stagnant at their lows and E46 are still dropping.  Worth a bit more than non M but Rs are worth a little more than non R. AMG I admit I don't know a lot about, but I see a lot of affordable ones. AMG, M, Audis "S" etc. are all so saturated now it doesn't matter. I was at a bmw dealer today, 75% of the cars have some "M" crap on them.. Just a badge now for the most part. 

Basically european cars have shit resale value compared to original purchase price. 

And I'm fine with that. Because I can fix them.

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