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4 hours ago, Dick Dastardly said:

That E36 weight is off..

Mine weighed in at 3128 with ~ 1/3 tank of fuel last time it was on a scale. That's with a full interior 

Get a LSD for that 330..

Yeah most quoted the E36 ~3200, but it was hard to find all the numbers in one place.

I'd love to scoop an LSD for it but I'm trying to do as little as possible to it. This car is more like a fun beater so I can save up for something nicer/long term. $1000 for an LSD or $1000 towards the next (better) car....

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51 minutes ago, Timbo Slice said:

I said I was going to do that, and then I realized I spent more in parts for the coupe than I spent on the vehicle itself a few weeks later.

Exactly what I'm not trying to do. It gets easier when you have a kid...

I found some Bilstien PSS10 coilovers for ~700, or KW V3's for ~$1500. Still didn't bite. The only two things on my radar are a set of BBS RK wheels, and clear tail lights.

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TBH I really don't know what I want. ADHD is getting the best of me lately. Cus like..I just bought one of those trunk spoiler lips. But I don't feel like building a FWD car anymore. IDFK. Maybe I'll buy a bigger turbo next week after listing it for sale.

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I bought one of those trunk lips pre-painted in Saffron a couple years ago for the C.

Paint quality is actually pretty damn good, it's nearly identical to the car.

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Did you drive any RWD sports cars lately? lol

I find when I drive something that's different from what I normally have, I get all pumped up about it. The novelty does die down for me after a while though. Stick with it Timo! I want to see what you do with a P80 again!

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I'm planning to finish the coupe with the parts I currently have, then decide what I'll do from there. It'll be a great car no doubt, but I really miss getting sideways.

Yeah I drove my uncle's GT4 over Easter, how did you know :p

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When you are in the post box, there is a drop down above "Submit Reply" that says "Insert Other Media". Click that, then select "Insert Image from URL". Now you don't have to use the IMG tag and can straight copy the URL and be good to go.

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