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16 hours ago, Timbo Slice said:

Anyone upgrade their v-band clamps for their OBX exhaust system? Some asshole sold me an OBX TBE and didn't include the clamps. Options? There's nothing local that I can find so I'm going to have to order them.

I have the original OBX clamps somewhere I upgraded to 2.5" clampco V-bands when I got the obx, but sold them with the exhaust.

I found them on ebay for like $5 a peice 

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the o ring unseated and I lost oil pressure under full boost, it would have happened to you too Mike. No way I could have known, all the o rings were inspected for leaking and none were beforehand. You're always quick to take shots, just let it go

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Does anyone have reference to which clamps they bought to replace the OBX ones? I bought some from Summit Racing and they don't fit. the V on the clamp is too wide so the two flanges never seat to each other and there's a 1/16" gap between the flanges when it's all tightened down.

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