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42 minutes ago, B850 said:

So i had to trash a birch R center console. Luckily I have 2 more, but anyway I can confirm 100 percent now that they used real birch (or whatever wood) for those. It actually smells good too.

Why'd you have to trash it?

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16 minutes ago, JoshV70 said:

Why'd you have to trash it?

I glued a manual lip to it for the boot from a donor console. The whole thing was starting to crack and look terrible, so I cut it up to retrieve the lip. Going to glue it to a mint birch center console this weekend if I can find the time.

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On 10/25/2016 at 10:47 PM, FINN said:

Been using Photobucket for like 13 years I think.  Last 2 or so years it has turned to shit.  I have trouble accessing my pics in the evenings.  Whats a good alternative?


Same here. I just started using my imgur account to host. 

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Anyone interested or know of someone looking for an 8/10 '98 C70 T5M with all the fun bits a 16T could appreciate? I've got some other life plans coming up in the next few months and wouldn't mind offloading it for some extra funds. I'll be doing a formal for sale ad soon, but figured I'd post this now.

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