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On 1/6/2017 at 0:19 PM, gmsgltr said:

I have electric steering in the GTI and I can change the weight :) I love it

Look at me and my fancy things, laaaaa deeee daaaaaaa.

9 hours ago, Ol' Dirty Noodle said:

Thinking about an XC90, what's the deal with their tenants/AWD? Problematic? Any other known issues? Finally which is the best motor for reliability and fuel economy, V8s prob out of the question

If you want to have a serious conversation, give me a call. But in all honesty, my XC90 is probably the best car I've owned for a lot of reasons. Super comfortable, it will go just about anywhere and tow just about anything I need it to, and on the highway I've seen 25mpg. I might think about upgrading the sways in the near future as I've been told it will handle like an X5.

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