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Started making proofs for a side project im working on. 

Beskar Ingots.  

Ordered some Damascus and high-carbon steel Friday to start, got the image loaded into the cnc as well for the logo, going to try a few engravings on scrap aluminum and stainless early this week I hope. 
And start etching the steel pieces this weekend, the Damascus is for personal use (aka im keeping the ones made out of it). 

Proofs were done by hand with a razer blade and etched by hand so ignore how bad the logo is in all 3 pics lol.  Didn't have an exacto knife and wanted to get it done to get a general idea before we start making full sized replicas of the Mandalorian beskar ingots. 





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Ran the CNC a bit today. (see attached pic) trying different depths on aluminum before we start in on the steel. 

Cut a piece of steel off to test some different finishes before etching.  

Guys on the shop side are pretty excited about doing something new so the first batch should be pretty cool once we get into it more tomorrow. 



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Ok so I bought a set of keys for my OEM load bars for the XC90... How do these things go in?


Do I have to drill out the plastic from the cover to fit the lock? The lock still looks longer than the piece that came out of it (the black pin thing)


Im lost LOL

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Wasn't it Drew that was rebuilding or selling p2 lock actuator rebuild kits?


I need one for the XC90 passenger front door. The wife pulled the handle while it was unlocking and now it won't lock fully. Have to push it down the last 14inch for the lock to engage.


Any lead or drews info it greatly appreciated



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On 11/9/2020 at 9:22 AM, RobT5M said:

Anyone recall a part number for the p80 x70 headlight wire harness? In headlamp.

Or if the ABM and X70 stock share the same harness? 

My pass side is crumbling while my driver side looks brand new, go figure.

Stock harness is #9438738. IPD has it for $26.75 right now. Probably worth shopping around a bit. 

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