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19 hours ago, krzycho1022 said:

I looking for more info, how to upgrade my brakes in V40. No Results.

Mazda3speed calipers :) 

You should be able to find them pretty cheap, and I believe they may be a direct fit for your vehicle depending on year.

Pics of said V40?

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Someone on FB asked for a good P80 performance group or forum and I commented with
2 days later, I got a spam warning from Facebook because they've identified the link as Suspicious Spam. 

Whelp I guess all the BS we've talked over the years has gotten VS labeled as spam 😅

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On 12/31/2020 at 6:31 PM, MattyXXL said:

I have - only seen them in the 20 packs locally so far and the other 19 cars in the pack are the least interesting hot wheels ive ever seen

ill keep my eyes peeled and thank you for thinking of me! Ill get on it fo sho

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