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For the random stuff that doesn't warrant the creation of a new thread.

For when there's no one in chat.

This thread is for you. Have at it.

::twirls around in chair::

Ya' know in just under 48hrs Jesus will have an active thread for 1 yr???? Nice ......

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wtf is up with Japanese cars today? Are they running out of ideas or something? Even the '09 Maxima looks like a Camry and Accord smooshed together.

yeah im definitely not impressed with the cars that the Japanese are rolling out these days. maybe its just the new trend in car design but they just dont look solid, too cookie cutter or something. great cars none the less.

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I don't agree that they're great cars, anymore. In almost all the late model used Japanese cars I've seen lately, they're all deteriorating so horribly. The headlights become yellowed, the chrome plastic parts delaminate, the silvery painted plastic trim inside becomes dull, rubbed off, the plastic buttons black finish rubs off to reveal plain white plastic buttons with no symbols on them anymore, they rattle, they're cheap feeling, but it's still a japanese car, so it must be good. :rolleyes:

Honda/Acura had a really bad auto transmission issue with their 3.0 V6 for 2000, 2001 and have had several other automatic transmission failure issues for all other models.

Toyota/Lexus has a HUGE engine sludge problem with several 4 & 6 cylinder engines. My parents neighbor had a Lexus RX300 with all service intervals met on time, with all documentation, out of warranty with almost 100K, and had the typical sludge issue. Blue smoke from exhaust, engine running rough, and Lexus wouldn't even acknowledge there was a sludge issue for her engine. She traded it in for a used Mercedes, and later on she said she got a notice for a class action lawsuit.

That leaves Mitsubishi, which I wouldn't want because they feel like crap when they're new.

Nissans seem to be okay. And Mazdas which I like.

The Korean car makers is a whole other topic. I think the Hyundai Genesis is a nice looking car so far, but time will tell how well it holds up.

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That leaves Mitsubishi, which I wouldn't want because they feel like crap when they're new.

Nissans seem to be okay. And Mazdas which I like.

Mazda is one of those car companies that Ive always liked, their designs are always a little bit different. What are your thoughts about the new Mazda6? Im pretty sure I like everything except for the huge exhausts. But another car company that I liked was Subaru but their design department has gone a little weird and that's thrown me off a bit.

But good point about the interiors and subsequently why I love my S70 so much. People cant believe that its a 10 year old car by looking at the interior(exterior has some scratches and could use a detail). But you obviously have a little more first hand knowledge as you've been doing some used car searching recently. I guess it must be the product of cheap plastics and sub par gluing or something else.

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