What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Got my PCV all buttoned up. With that done, Stage 0 is just about complete. Didn't have enough hose for catch can, but got the can installed, splice and connect later. Finished off the CAI. And cleaned up a bunch of the engine.

Next up...

front wheel bearings,

dropping the fuel tank to fix a leaking hose,

new serp belt and tensioner.

pay day is tommorow, been browsing ARD. hmmmmmmmm :ph34r:

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Drove it around looking for a shop that will attempt to align it.

Find a Nissan Dealership... they have in ground alignment racks for the GT-R. I know that's what a bunch of guys do around here. It's gonna be more expensive but it's worth it. The place that I go puts the car on a lift then onto 4 "carts" so they can do really any car as long as it can be jacked/put on 2x4's to get onto a lift.

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All done on Wednesday:

Both front axles (for the third time in 6 months, and this time with new oem instead of empi)

Both front hub bearings

New ipd hd endlinks (d2 ones suck)

Replace rear exhaust hanger

Install boost this gauge (thanks Rye):

Tried to get a video of the start up dance but no good means of capturing it currently.

What about eyebrows?

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What about eyebrows?

Those will be on the car next week. Was gonna have my buddy wrap them but he decided it would be better to get them painted so he is shooting them this weekend along with some new mirror covers.


Today I fixed my heavy misfire at over 1/2 throttle and 3500 rpm.

Fixed with a nice tune up even though I had done one this past summer went from this:

~ iPd Plug Wires (will never purchase these again. both sets have fallen apart upon removal.)

~ Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs

To this:

~ Bosch Wires (no place open had Bougicord in stock.)

~ OEM Plugs

~ Also replaced cap and rotor

Car now boosts and doesn't stutter. Big thank you to Lucky, Rye and Kieran for the help at the shop today.

Also installed aspherical passenger wing mirror.

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that sounds horrible

Duh. Have you ever started a car for the first time after an engine swap and the block has been completely drained of oil? It sounds like you have 5 spaghetti rods. Clears up after some idling and a couple starts.

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