What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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On topic: Turned off traction control and got it very sideways all over town. I don't care that it was only 3 inches of snow, they were 3 wonderful inches of snow.

Driving a car that has FWD, a stick, and a healthy amount of power going to those front wheels in the snow with traction control on... it just wasn't meant to be.

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Any reason you are using the 93 intake manifold?

Didn't know when I bought it. Have a '95 that I'm waiting to powder coat.

Note to self, Jon. Tighten all bolts your assistant touches. Car still looks good!

Haha, no helpers this time. Just me, plenty of time, and a good forecast. Hopefully my throwout bearing shows up tomorrow, so I can get it all buttoned up. I have to go into town Tuesday and pick up MTL. Not putting the battery in until I quadruple check the fluid. I should be able to get it this go around.

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New dipstick and tube

New Silicone vac. lines

Forge CBV

MBC (Parallel for spike management)

New coolant reservoir

oil change (Rotella T6 as always)

Coolant flush (Pentosin)

Rotate tires.

SAS delete diode in my other tuned ECU (ARD)

some other shit.

Pulls 24 in/HG at idle cold. (used to be ~18) I'm happy with that

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