What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Installed lighted rear window switches in my Volvo 850. Took a bit longer than I figured it would, but I finished in about three hours. Minimal soldering required. Most of the wait was figuring out how to make the switches play nice with the rest of the electronics.


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Lol. I was being facetious. It takes 30 seconds per side. But it's the only thing I did to my car yesterday, so I had to make it seem more impressive.

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put the new radio in to play with and test fit.

need to make a surround and do some other stuff...

drove it.

:lol: turned it on after a week and listened to the ticking for a couple seconds till the oil hit all the right places, drove it around the neighborhood and local area till it was all warm and toasty, then beat on it a little and drove it around for a few then back home to park it till insurance gets a hold of the bitch who hit me.

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Was it a direct fit or was there modifications to the bracket needed?

And we talkin just fronts or back as well?

Here's the writeup:

All I had to do was switch the rails over and cut and splice a few wires. The seats were from a 2004 S60R. I heard the 2005+ may be too different.

I only did the front but Im probably going to pick up the rears soon. Having Atacama front seats and tan interior is whack looking. Need to do a charcoal swap now for the carpets, dash etc.

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