What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

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no because you cannot mesh T5 and Pole... too much of a "stretch" if you said "waxed my rocket" that would have been better

What are you raising it to?? I'm just throwing the MBC wide open. (Worse case, the ECU will get pissed and fuel-cut, but the tune should fix that.) I'm really interested to see how far that 15G can

Started it. Drove it.

Posted Images

worked on the R a little last night getting things done and ready for Carlisle :)

finally installed a cabin filter

started detailing the engine bay but didnt get much done

Ease back on the caffeine Greg, you take too many blurry pictures.

Think of the kittens....

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Hah, so how many espressos is that for you today buddy?

Down to one a day. Seeing a cardiologist on the 21st, trying to see if cutting back on caffeine helps my recent health issues.

It hasn't.

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I would have glassed from the back... you're going to have a hard time smoothing that out without building up the exterior above the factory height.

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Yup, I cut out the cup, then glassed from the back, then filled in the front. Much easier to get the outside smooth that way.

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Waiting for the call to go pick up the car. I just hope to Christ it is not more than the cash I've been busting my ass at my second job for over the past two months. Little bit of a downer if it ends up double what I am expecting...we shall see.

When I get the call....this is totally happening:


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Tore the whole interior apart again trying to chase down this short. Mysteriously it just disappeared again, no more fuse blowing. No clue what I moved/touched, so now I'm afraid to put everything back in fear of it happening again. I am so confused about this. Seems like this car just does not want to see the road.

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