What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Got mine back yesterday after the new PS rack was installed, now its out for a front end alignment and a transmission flush. If the flush doesn't fix the flashing arrow of death, it might be manual swap time.

How crappy is it to get the thing back from having the new rack installed, and be driving the thing to work the next day and have that freeking arrow come on? Pretty crappy :tdown:

This car might be the death of me. Stage 0 is getting expensive, I can only hope and pray I'm getting close...

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Installed the mint center console/cup holder that Matt B sent me. No more scratched up panels and broken 04 cup holder.

It worked out well, I'm in the middle of moving/selling/junking 3 shelves worth of various car parts I've accumulated over the past 5 years.

And thanks again for the help with the car! Clunking indicates I could still have a bad axle but DTSC/ABS issue will be fixed with the new accelerometer.

On topic: pulled a wheel, checked wires and found that one was rubbing against the axle. Thanks to ihatespeedbumps for the tips on what to check.

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