What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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actually no, because ice skates allow you to travel on ice safely and at speed...so...try again

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was confused by that.... I read it as a good thing lol.

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In the last year...

1995 850 Turbo .. Head gasket replacement, oil cooler lines, Japan exhaust manifold, valve stem seals

. Future: Fix stuck hood passenger lock, replace current 35 watt hid with 55 watt, exhaust, parking brake cable

1998 s70 t5se .. oil cooler lines, radiator, radio lights, dash lights, ignition lock, front door locks, 1 parking brake cable, sas delete, signal cancel

Future: Abs... again, cabin sensor, 1fog light wiring, a/c, timing belt, evap diag

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Mike, I have been installing Whelen vertex led strobes and they are holding up well and bright as fuck! Have you considered them?

These are whelen (in a Truck Craft box). They're the style with out the distribution block. 20 patterns easy ass wiring. Seem really nice. Sealed them with RTV they should be good.

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