What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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what did you do to your house today?

mike this is mostly for you

here is the backsplash up in the new kitchen

now i am in the process of getting the grout off the natural stone :( - shoot me please - yes, i sealed the stones. I will never use an intricate mosaic like this again.


in this pic i still have

replace switches/outlets with white and instal a gfi

plug the stove in and move it back

finish undercabinet led's

test my dishwasher install

install the 3" wide board above the sink

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what did you do to your house today?

Looks NICE Greg!

Like the look of it, and I love the draw pulls handles and counters, I had the same in my condo that I completly rehabed.Only thing that sink, what's up with the tiny sink?

My old place when I sold it. Last time I do tile floors in the kitchen... For some reason I can't post this image... :huh:

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the sink looks small there...

could only do a 30" under cabinet in our design and the room and this is the biggest under-mount stainless sink I could do through the granite installer/company (Free sink lol) - it is pretty deep though haha

the granite is "peacock" and has light blue and green and gold in it but is basically dark

I will post some final kitchen pics

gotta do some paint matching with the cream cabinets for a small finishing trim for the cabinet/ soffit gap

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oh cool greg,

i missed that post earlier.

mosaics are major pain to grout for sure. i don't care how good you are, you will drip grout on to the surface below.

Don't forget, its basically colored concrete, so be careful wiping it off the granite.

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