What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Yea I think come summer I wanna get a Magicama or Sonicama 6spd "for" my GF, then make her learn 5 spd on the 850, then sitck her with the 850 because she drives into NYC for work 3 days a week B) and sell her Accord and put that $ in the house fund. Unfortunately she's fallen in love with the XC60 R design so it may be a tough sell

The only problem I have is this annoying rattle noise at certain speed by front passenger winshield. Been to local dealer 3 times now. Other than that, it just cost too damn much.

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Got the Borla ProXS mufflers installed last Friday. Exhaust shop did a great job, they put the Y pipe just above the rear axle and everything is tight and straight. I'll post a pic of their work later this week, I'm in Milwaukee right now w/ my truck and this is the only pic I have. Sound amazing, not ricey at all and the drone isn't bad at all either. I was worried it was going to be too loud, but its perfect IMO, noticeable w/out being obnoxious.

A pic of the back of my dirty car. Eat it winter, I hate you.


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Been putting it back together and tidying things up since the swaps.

Hitting a few yards Saturday in search of a plastic injector cover instead of the metal ones, and then buying rubber fuel line unless I can figure out stainless to use on the RN.

have a few more cosmetic items to put on.


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Summermode! We had absolutely zero winter in the Netherlands.


Got another Capella few weeks back to replace the curbed one. Sadly Volvo used 2 different 'bright silver' over the years.


The one on the left is from the early '00 (and mounted on the front), the one on the right is from 2011. The old one is almost chrome. It looks akward on the car, ordering a new Capella tomorrow.

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