What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Worked on the CL today. Re-wired the stereo so that all the speakers run off the amp in the trunk, not the front woofers running off the deck, and the tweeter running off the amp. At least the rears were fine, except for the crossovers being silicone mounted to the rear deck. I relocated them to the amp tray and ran all new wiring to all the speakers. Take a look at the hack job on the rear deck:



I hate funking hack job bastards! There was absolutely no reason to cut up the rear deck like that.

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finally did the auto passenger window down mod following Adam's write up >here


took the opportunity to install the brand new rear ashtray assembly I had for the last 2 years (thanks again Alex)


I went ahead and clean the shit out of my center console, it shined up awesome. I also cleaned my interior since my passenger seat and rear seats were already out, lint rollers ftw


doing the actual mod took maybe 10 minutes or so once the center console was out

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Mine: Washed the exterior, cleaned the interior, detailed the engine bay, put the 18" Pegs on, RainXd it.

My cousins: washed exterior, cleaned interior, changed the oil, detailed the engine bay, RainXd it, put in a cone filter I had sitting around, took it to buy a carpet.

'Twas a busy day. Looking forward to changing the oil tomorrow in the S60. It's about time and it's supposed to be nice out.

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