What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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got my rims straightened (curse you michigan pot holes), had the tranny flushed about a week ago and the breather system re done. oh and the Snaab intake poly intake spacer put on while the intake was off and cleaned

Funny, 2 weeks ago I redid my PCV and while I had everything out I did the Snabb intake spacer too. Then last weekend did my yearly trans flush with Mobil 1 ATF and reset the trans adaptors.

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About to go under the knife


IPD track spec sways

Oil change - Trying Mobil 1 0W-40 for the first time. Switching from M1 10W-30

Finally fixing that noisy RR wheel bearing, only to find that the left now has a faint whine to it :rolleyes:

Still need to find the time to install the SNABB FMIC and PCV service. Also noticed I have a leaking heater hose and confirmed what I've suspected over the last few weeks, my front shocks are pouring oil. It never ends!

When you get done, lemme know and I'll come test drive it for you while you do my sways and FMIC install. And we might as well do other things to it too, I'll come up with a list.

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