What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Went home on the back of a tow truck. Apparently I have to do that like twice a year now.

Fuel problem, but haven't nailed it down. Relay or ECU problem. I get an error when trying to read codes on the ECU, but when I plug in the Turbo Tuner ECU I can read codes. It runs now, but I will test drive tomorrow as I am hungry and don't feel like getting towed twice in one day if it decides to die on me again.

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Mine went bad about 240k. Not sure if it had been replaced before, but it looked pretty original.

Oh wait nvm that was the relay. :arob:

Anyways, Put some oil in it, and topped off the coolant.

Then proceeded to drive about 10 miles out and back to let it warm up and all the new oil get in all the cracks and shit.

Parked it and tossed some cardboard under it while I went to harbor freight to buy things to fix the new dash with 1 broken tab.

Came back to no oil leaks so far.... well see how it looks in the morning, I really miss driving it, and want to drive it into work tomorrow.

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