What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Wherever I can find it cheapest. I did and didn't see it, must have tossed it :(

Thanks for looking. That thing would come in handy for flushing the tranny on my S60. I have another rig that works but not as good as good as what I'am looking for. thanks again.

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I need to start working on my car more and finish some projects...

Keep buying stuff and never putting it on the car.


Washed it.

Waxed roof, trunk, spoiler.

Put a new sticker on.

Plugged my coolant temp sensor in, connection came unplugged (always awesome)

Flashed new tune file.

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Took the cat off of the parts car and installed on the 245, hopefully it will pass emissions inspection now. 15 minutes to take off of the parts car, 2 hours to install onto the 245. The bolts on the donor cat flange were the pressed in type and rusted in, ended up cutting them flush with the flange and drilling the 3 holes needed for the bolts.

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I really do but sometimes you have to make grown up decisions.

Can't say I've ever seen one on the streets here, but when I was in France back as a teenager I saw one, and still remember the WTF is that moment I had when looking at it.

I'd imagine you could get a pretty penny to the right buyer.

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