What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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I was using a 14mm 6-point socket with a 1/2" breaker bar and it just rounded off.

So I hammered a 13mm 12pt socket on and it spun right out. That socket won't come off the bolt now hahah


Head came off no problem after that


Not a happy motor. It died a slow, oily death. It'll live on as furniture in my apartment.

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12 points hold on the manual flywheel.

Also andy do you know how you stripped that? Were you using a star socket?

Some manual flywheel bolts use this. Not a torx.


The Volvo will be fine. It's just a bit annoying is all.

Until next week...

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Only sheared one. The rest I tear up the joints where they tend to generate vibration above 60 mph. But, all of those have been crappy Empi axles, and Ipd quit selling them over a year ago. The snapped axle I replaced at the beginning of May, so got a whole 9 months out of it. :lol: The new one is much lighter, so I am guessing hollow shaft. About 5 weeks to the start of race season, but I do have a practice in 2 weeks. :) I will put it to the test.

30 minute job and it was 62F outside yesterday, which is about 23 degrees warmer than normal.

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