What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Pulled the exhaust and center support. (Driveshaft was already out) getting ready for new exhaust, driveshaft, center support and stock R wheels with blizzaks. 

Then next week: original R bumper, new fog lights, passenger fender and liner, OE R rear spoiler, and OE mudflaps on pass side (missing these) and exhaust cam seal.

then maybe this thing will be ok for a bit..


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Strengthened the door panels on the Datsun with fiberglass. Should be enough since they are strictly cosmetic, with no pull handles attached to them. Trying to work up the motivation to replace the odometer cable. I HATE the smell of gear oil.

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On 11/4/2015, 10:14:07, matt b said:

Wow that takes me back. My folks had a beige one in England when we lived there in the early 90's. Absolute POS in many ways but they are solid vans overall. 

That poo can't be like this poo. 

Bigger tire's, metal bumper next up tomorrow is lights, and d rings




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9 hours ago, bob82pigdog said:

I want to see a  build thread for that Sienna! Spacer lift and General Grabber at2 all the things!!!

Sienna? We no need no stinking Sienna LOL, those were FWD only before current generation and front engine. 

This is a Previa aka OleGG, a Mid-engined super charged, all wheel drive 165hp BEAST LoL!

Is there a interest in wanting to know what this is LOL.


I might have to do a FMIC since the intercooler is below the drivers headlight

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