What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Finally found a local clean replacement passenger fender that I picked last week. Installed this and swapped the jewel turn signal from the C70 into the S70 and installed a new one on the C70. Still need to do PDR on a couple small dents and then buff it up to be perfect.

Big thanks to Daniel who found this one.

Time to refresh the rear brakes on the S70 next as I discovered a sticky caliper. That’s next Saturday’s adventure.

I daily the S70 and now my oldest is learning to drive with it. Just hit 135k miles. I’ve put 9k miles on the coupe since I bought from Josh 9 years ago but the bulk of that was in the first 5 years.


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UR 23mm rear sway bar. 
I need to install the OBX exhaust and boost gauge on my next day off. 

ipd springs, Koni oranges, UR 23mm rear sway bar, EST carbon strut brace. And I can't find any  of my old camber bolts. 


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5 hours ago, Ihatespeedbumps said:

Was driving the XC70 to work this morning in the rain. Accelerated around a corner, heard a loud bang and then the front wheels broke free. Stripped out the goddamn collar :angry:

Factory collar or had you already done work on it?

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12 hours ago, quiksilver said:

And here I was, thinking stripped collars were almost solely an R problem.

Nah, I've put just as many collars on XC's as I have R's.

11 hours ago, erikv11 said:

Factory collar or had you already done work on it?

Factory collar. I needed to replace some of the angle gear seals anyways, so I guess no time like the present. I'm hoping the angle gear made it out ok though.

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