What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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16 hours ago, Zappo said:

Where the stock coil and airbox used to be.  I run it inline with the stock PCV system.

I think that’s the best way to do it on these cars. It’s not worth trying to redesign the PCV system unless you’re making insane amounts of power.

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12 hours ago, tighe said:

Happy to oblige. The guys at NGP were awesome to deal with. Bumper guard took all of 3 minutes to install. 


Absolutely ordering one to cover the scratches and damage on my rear bumper. Thanks for the link!

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Put the HRE 535's back on. Also got a fresh alignment. Have a mountain run on April 3rd and a Road Atlanta track day May 6th. 
My replacement nose panel finally showed up. So hope to drop the bumpers and panel off for paint soon, so I can get the front panels/hood lined up and to get it looking right. 

For some reason the rear camber looks crazy in the pic even though its only -2.5°. 
-3.5° front
-2.5° rear
1/16" toe out front
1/32" toe in rear


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On 3/23/2021 at 8:51 AM, flyfishing3 said:

I see you got Ronals.  I just had one crack and got one off Alain.  He has a couple left in different levels of quality if you need one. 

Thanks for the info. These are actually OEM Saab wheels from a 9-3 Aero, see photo. Saab makes some nice looking wheels - I like these too.  


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