What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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38 minutes ago, Zappo said:

Going in for alignment finally.  I have the new inner tie rod, so they can install it at the same time.


I should probably take the V70 in.

After doing the front end, steering wheel is straight but still.
Didn't touch the tierods, but im sure its out a little.


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So, alignment is done, but now I am missing my antenna.  It was there when I arrived, but when I got in the car to leave, it wasn't.  There was nothing it could hit at the shop, so it must have come out on the test drive.  Odd.

Ordered a new one.


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I didn't think about it until just now, but I have cameras in the car.  I just pulled the video and they snapped it off with the garage door.  The tech never even noticed it when he pulled the car in.  I posted on YouTube.  :)  Private link, but here you go.



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I tend to forget about the cameras in the car, but I really need to start pulling more video out.  A few weeks ago there was a dump truck that blew through a red light.  Same intersection a few months before, some lady decided that she had priority over everyone, went around her turn lane, through the red light in front of a bunch of cars already moving to make her left turn.  Probably wacked out on drugs.  Both of those were at 7am.  The road they were both on is 7 lanes wide in the middle of the city.

For the shop, we deal with them every single day.  I sent a link to our fleet manager and he will give him crap about it.  I have already ordered the replacement.

This is just another reason I do the work myself for the most part.

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So, the car pulls to the left now after the alignment.  They are claiming it is due to the worn tires, but if that were the case, it would actually pull the other direction.  Right now I am fairly sure they guy actually replaced the wrong inner tie rod and that they driver side is still bad.  I was thinking about it on the way to work this morning.  I will jack up the car tonight to test it.

So, right now, I have paid $180 to have my antenna broken off.  I have already ordered another tie rod.  The replacement antenna mast arrived this morning.

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Ha, the last time I had mine aligned, they used P2 specs (said their computer didn't go back past 2001) and insisted it would be the same. The steering wheel was hard left to go straight (still with a pull, and very sensitive to road imperfections) and he said that's because it's lowered.

So I took it to my cousin, who had it perfect (with the correct P80 specs) in about 10 minutes.

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On 12/11/2021 at 4:34 PM, Zappo said:

Replaced the antenna mast the alignment shop broke off.

Ordered new tires.

Checked to make sure the alignment shop changed the right tie rod. 

Installed new wiper blades because PNW.

Topped off the oil and coolant.

Where did you order tires from?

I need to get 2 for the S70 but am debating between Tirebuyer or looking around.


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