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On 1/3/2022 at 11:33 AM, Burn-E said:

Installed new headlight and windshield wipers on the S70. Previous owner, who is an old school Volvo Amazon guy, told me “Headlight wipers are ridiculous so we never swapped them out.” 😭 Need new headlight arms because this attitude broke the water jets on each.

Installed a new OEM gas cap and boom 💥 no more CEL for EFI-611, 614 and 315. Probably will still need to swap out the canister purge valve at some point.

installed a new auto trans shifter bulb and in the process cracked the coin tray clasps that hold it in place. Fortunately my LKQ run surfaced a new one, a spare blower motor and a pair of clean side markers among other odds and ends. 

But I will say I HATE how some people just trash cars and leave doors open when picking parts so the weather trashes the interior if you’re not there day 1. 

Real work starts once I can get the car in the garage and out of the cold.

Yeah, it's incredibly annoying how people treat cars in junkyards when people actually need these things. I always  try to close cars up when I can. Even just throwing stuff out of the way to get the doors closed.

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Seriously, the wagon I had hoped to pull a couple parts from someone had stuffed the rear with all kinds of parts from who knows what. I was tempted to dig through to see if a particular component I was looking for was in there but it was piled almost to the ceiling. It was the last car on the row though so it had been there for a few months.

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Headlight bulbs on the cayenne.  Went with Philips xtreme, they’re definitely better than the orsams that were in there but I’ve gotten too used to the Audis bi-xenons.

 I’ve looked into installing the OEM bi-xenons but have been assured the auto leveling won’t work and I will have bulb error light without wiring in a new harness all the way back to the canbus.

I’d never put HIDs in a regular halogen lamp but the cayenne has halogen projectors so I may experiment with some 4300k HIDs and see if I can get a crisp cutoff and eliminate stray light.

any thoughts???

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Make sure that the added heat from the HID bulbs cannot burn the chrome of the halogen projector.

I had that happen with ABMs (which are obviously worse quality than OEM Porsche), but the light output now is pitiful.

What about a bi-xenon retrofit? I absolutely love mine in the Saff R. So much light, especially high beams.

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Picked up a 04 Xc90 for a good price just after Christmas 2020 because I needed a 7 seater on hand.  

hit a deer with it going to my parents house Christmas Eve 2021. On the interstate. No injuries inside the car thankfully.  We were 7 miles from home and we were able to make it to our destination. 

insurance totaled it out and just before the close of 2021 I picked up this 07 v8 sport to replace it. 

so far I’m very happy with the purchase. 



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Today I learned that there are apparently two different brass brackets that attach the electric antenna module to the rear trunk panel of the car.

Every S70 I worked until now the antenna exited perpendicular to the rear quarter panel of the car. The bracket for it looks like this: 



And the antenna looks like this:


But apparently there’s another setup where the bracket lacks the hole in the middle that water evacuation tube goes through and instead is triangular and forces you to flip the antenna module around. It also means the antenna sits at something like an 80° angle toward the rear as it exits the hole in the quarter panel.


Had me totally flummoxed as I kept flipping around the bracket trying to figure out how to attach it so the antenna would be perpendicular. When I finally found a picture of the bracket with the hole in the middle - which I had forgotten about I realized they were different. The nut secures the antenna to the top of the quarter panel also has an angle to it.

And to prove it’s not a fluke here’s another S70 with same setup:


I never realized this and genuinely curious on the rationale because I can’t find a product break / model year and all 3 of the S70s I’ve owned were/are 98s and two were T5s.

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My antenna is straight up, I did not know they made a bracket to be angled, this is the first time im seeing an angled antenna. 


Also I broke the 3rd brake light on the s70.... 

It fell down shortly after or during the roof respray and I went to check it today to see about putting it back up, the plastic disintegrated in my hands. 
So $50 at the dealer tomorrow I suppose. 

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Finally got the key fob remote from the previous owner and used my remaining new case to have a fully functional key fob for the new S70.

Question, I have 2 spare remotes left over from previous S70s (all 98s) and would love to reprogram one of them to mate to this new S70 so I can give one to my daughter who is the other primary driver of the car. If I recall correctly I need someone with the ability to unlock the VGLA module and then pair it with the remote. Do I just need someone with VADIS / VIDA or is this a dealer only effort for a 98?


Found this post, sounds like I need the PIN from the dealer: 


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