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5 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

i have a snabb one - custom run... its massive. i think 3"? and when relocating battery will have enough room up there to make a pretty aluminum air box 

I plan to do this as well, but I'm going to turn my battery sideways and take some measurements for an aluminum battery box/hold down ala stanceworks. That will give a bunch of room for a large filter, and build a box with an inlet on the bottom to grab the cool air from the bumper inlet deal.

Kristian answered my email today - he can do the 3" with a 3/4npt bung instead of the PTC for a k24. For anyone yet to order, I would recommend the pipe fitting (or see if he can do an AN ORB fitting) and do away with the PTC all together.

He said lead time was ~7-10 days out. No price yet, but it's not like it really matters at this point.

I'm having conversations with do88 over my disappointment on the inlet pipe. I'm hoping to get a refund on it.

You can see in this graph, air flow plummets around 5000 RPM in every gear as the hose collapses.


In other news, I did a log on the way in this morning and managed 1086 kg/hr!

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k24 with a hybrid wheel

yeah i rotated my battery too... had a meth tank there as well. I think I am going to relo the battery to rear wheel well and get the meth system back up and running and run the tank up front still. (I dont want a visible tank in the rear of the wagon)

this will then allow for nice size custom air box. ive got a massive bmw 540 maf now and open filter and it looks stupid.

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2 hours ago, Zappo said:

What monster turbo are you running?

K24 with billet 11 blade compressor wheel measuring 54.50/68 and a 9 blade turbine. I joke with myself saying that I'm building this thing for a 3071r...

The do88 rep is giving me a really hard time about this issue by blaming it on something else... The air box. I've sent a handful of emails so far. The last email was basically 'hey look how much of your stuff I have bought for my car. This part is not doing what your product page advertises it to do. Give me a refund or I'll take it up with my credit card company.'

I went ahead and ordered the pipe from Kristian nonetheless.

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K24 isn't that big.  I only asked because the graph looks like it takes a long time for it to spool up.  I'm guessing the PSI vs RPM isn't correct and you were more concerned about the air flow.

I also turned my battery and my filter sits between the battery and the throttle body.  The actual air intake is from a hose down at the air vents in the front bumper.  I never modified my battery cables either, which would probably make it fit better.

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Instructed autocross again today.  On the drive home, I hit 22 psi in the express lane tunnel in Seattle and apparently blew off the brake booster hose.  30 miles later I take the exit off the freeway and I am sitting at a light and I know I have a massive vacuum leak.  I assume it was from the work I did the week before.

Didn't have a problem stopping for the light, but next light it felt like I was pressing a block of wood and I was barely slowing down.  Luckily I was close to home at that point.

Reattached the hose with a clamp.  Runs correctly again.  :)



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  • 4 weeks later...

Over the last month:

The Volvo can hit 22 psi now without blowing pipes off.  About time to go racing with it again.  :)

Fixed a broken headlight bulb retaining spring on my headlights.  Since I have custom headlights, I ordered a bunch of random springs and found one close enough that I could modify to work.

Drained the catch can.  I need a bigger one so I don't have to do it every other weekend, but it is definitely working.

Installed Wilwood brakes on the front of the spider.  Still trying to bleed them correctly.  I'm used to 10-11mm bleed screws, but the Wilwood's use 1/4" on the calipers I have.  It took me a hour just to find a 1/4" wrench; 7mm is too big, 6mm is too small.  My bleed hose barely fits on them.  I'll be working on them again today to try and finish up.

A bunch of other stuff I've already forgotten about.


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That's like the slave cylinder on my E46. I still don't quite know what size it is, I ended up using an adjustable wrench to bleed it. The few SAE wrenches I have don't quite fit, 7 was too big, 6 was too small. What a pain lol.

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It is like a 6.5mm.  I used a 1/4", but even that is slightly too large.  It is fine to use with they are new, but once they start to get any corrosion using the right size will keep them from getting damaged.


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