What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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omg how does everyone find such cheap pegs.

anyhow, smithwicks, how are those little grilles attached?

I'm not Smithwicks but.....

If you eye up the outer lip of the side bumper grills you can see where the posts from the grill clip onto the bumper. I just wrapped a skinny flathead with a soft rag and pushed on the clips, pushing the grill out from behind. The center one is part of the air guide.

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i don't have a center one :huh: anyhow, i'll go look at those, might paint them later.

They're super easy to pull out, I painted my non fog side grills before I got the new grills that came with my fog kit and plastidip lays on them very well. It does clean up the front end pretty good, especially if they're currently sun burnt.

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