What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Please don't wreck your R driving drunk

Wasn't drunk, I work in a pub.

Long night, had to swing by the old club to get my last check/burn some bridges :lol:, then go to work at the pub. Didn't get out until like 3:00, I was completely exhausted. Drove to Taco Bell to get a snack with intentions of going home, eating said snack, then passing the fuck out on the couch.

Awhile back, when some stuff was stolen from my car, one of the items taken was the gate key to our complex. No big deal, people are always coming in and out at all hours, so I just wait.

Well... Apparently... I was a little more tired than I thought, and while sitting in a parking spot outside of the gate waiting for someone to come or go, I just fell asleep.

Not. Driving. Drunk.

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So I finally got the car running tip top and decide to check all the fluids, no oil leaks and it's good, no coolant leaks, transmission fluid, full on the dip stick, but brown, hooray. <_< The trans pump whines when I try to drive the car cold, and every now and then it goes into lets not go anywhere fit, and driving home from work I hit the gas after stopping and it slammed really hard and was normal for the whole ride home.

So I'm looking into getting a good used trans for around the $350 or below range in October when I have the money, and throwing the old one at the guy's shop who fixed it, if you want to call it fixed, (3 times). I don't even beat on the car and it still has these transmission problems. So I'm getting another trans and a new torque converter and scrapping the old stuff. I have to pay for it or the car will be gone.

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