What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Crank HP, maybe, but you'll need some good headwork and an awesome tune to go with it to come close. WHP, no way. 330bhp should be around 275 whp on an auto... 16T is really running into the limits of how much air it can flow our engines by around 16 psi or so, much more and the efficiency drops way off.

I would completely agree, but...look what we are agreeing with...275whp is a whole bucket load of fun...no one should complain about that type of HP...in a Volvo...

I've ordered a Stage II tune from Eurosport tuning, (17psi on my 16t), that should be in within the next 2 weeks. Frank quoted me approx 315bhp with the mods I have, (very similar to above), so I don't think you're to far off...I'll be dynoing it shortly after that I will be sure to report back on.

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^^ Nice job, what steps did you take in polishing it? After picking mine up from Stephen a while back I wet sanded it with really low grit sand paper and that got it pretty good but yours is so shiny.

Nooo. Dont sand it!

Wipe this on, wipe it off.


I used paper towels. Took me 10 minutes.

Edit: DO NOT let it touch your paint.

Double edit: I think you meant high grit sandpaper, not low grit ;)

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2 things Adam

1 You used what to dye the trim

2 Is that Mother's stuff the same stuff you told me to use to make my Volvo 850R from chrome to black?

1. Kiwi black leather shoe dye. My answer is not going to change no matter how many times you ask me :P

2. Thats correct. If anyone likes the way my badges look (gloss black) then the Mother's polish I posted will take the chrome right off. Just wipe on, and wipe off. This will NOT work on s70 badges unfortunately, only 850.

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