What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Drove it, smiled because of it......yesterday's buff session made it so shiny, I love paint that's silky to the touch.

I'm going to remove the last piece of the PO's ebay wood trim crap now, followed by a vacuum under the seats and between the seats and center console.....probably trunk too although the trunk's spotless.

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Removed the last of the ebay insta trim and realized the interior's coming along......

Around April 08 when I got it....


And currently, all stick on trim removed, OEM center console/rear ashtray trim added, new boots, woodgrain shift knob added, front door panels replaced, aerial switch kit added, triple pod added, torn piece of leather on the DS seat back replaced and clean as I always keep it.......


Things to do:

radio/CC woodtrim, new steering column cover (mine's faded), refresh/upgrade steering wheel, reupholster both front bottoms, have new carpet laid from front to back, chrome glove box door handle

I will get there eventually, but the progress so far is obvious and makes me happy.

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damn....all up to you but a single regular bulb wouldnt be that expensive.....

will be getting one tomorrow ;) the problem was i had work right as i was trying to fix everything cause i procrastinated and didn't have time to run to autozone :lol:

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