What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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headliner... still gotta do some finishing work and wiriing, gonna order new visors tomorrow from erie.

how ya like it?

As for me, cleaned up new(er) center console, swapped armrest over to it, cleaned up wood pieces I got today, repainted amp bracket, installed chrome glove box handle and glove box wood trim......going to install the amp under my pass. seat tomorrow and put my center console back in so I stop scuffing my arm on the metal while driving. lol

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4 wheel digital alignment after install of front Camber bolts...going for as much negative camber as I can get...I'll post pics later

That and trying to get the wheels balanced properly. My local "tire" shop has tried twice to balance the Peg Replica's...still have a wiggle at anything above 40mph...

Here's hoping!

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V70R amp/harness.....dammit I really wanna get my seat bottoms redone. :(

Everyone was right about the improvement....turned the stock stereo into a monster I think. No more distortion at high volume levels.....so excited ZOMG I've wanted one of these for sooo many months.


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Well, aside from installing the amp and harness from a V70R which made sense to do first, I finalized my wood trim install for now to include, all V70R Dark Walnut, shift knob, center console, rear ashtray, glove box door trim, glove box handle.

I still have to install the CC/Radio portion.....that will be a job for when the weather's nicer, I plan on doing that in the process of tackling my A/C evaporator (A/C works great, slow leak, last charge lasted 2 years, just recharged before winter). Along with that job in total will be, evaporator, heater core (for good measure), info activated cluster, CC/Radio Dark Walnut trim and dash pad mounting point repair. Sounds like fun, but I'm on it. lol




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Didn't happened today but rather yesterday. I parked far out at the end of the parking lot at the train station and got pissed off when I saw someone parked beside me..... until I saw it was my friend who spotted out my car and parked there lol :lol:

Then I proceeded to take a few pics... I'm such a dork lol...



Don't mind his parking. I think he was running late for the train.

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LOL I hate when I purposely park far away from the majority of cars (which is where ever I go if possible) and someone feels the need to park right beside me.

YES. I really don't get what's going through peoples minds sometimes. They decide to park right beside you when there are TONS of empty spots all around. <_<

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