What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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yes i admit I have a issue

with buying cars.

oh and this :lol:


and then some on this and the other .

busy day today lol



and alittle on this


and yes my cell phone is fucked it takes shitty pics and then randomly shuts off when it wants to

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QUOTE (matt b @ Apr 9 2009, 08:16 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Is that the wagon you drove to OH ? What's its future ?

What's going on with the coupe ?

? The first pic is the sedan 98 S70T5 just picked up yesterday

2nd two pics are of the 99R I need to finsih so I can sell it

and the last pic is of Laserblue wich is getting a slight overhaul

and the coupe is just chilling in the garage till I get some stuff from IPD so I can drive it , if there stuff ever arrives :rolleyes:

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installed the water pump, tensioner, timing belt.... pulled the pin as it was getting dark

I had to stop because I could not get the s-belt on... the pennies I used with the 1/2" breaker kept bending.. maybe tomorrow

so woke up this morning and my ring finger on my left hand is black and blue on the top and bottom... throbbing!

I need an easier way to put the s-belt in... for some reason the pennies keep bending and snapping... ugh

When I finish the s-belt all I have to do is fill the car up with coolant and she shoulbe good to go

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Bumper looks ok.

I think the AC hose got stuck between the skid plate/ sub frame and the speedbump. IC and the radiator looks undamaged.

Everytime when i bring the car near 100% something stupid happens... :lol:

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Guys, I need help...

I bought Akebono rear pads for my S70


are those thing metal pieces the shims... they are stuck on the back of the pad when shipped and I want to make sure I do not put shims on top of shims.

If those are the shims... do I just put brake grease on the back of the shim before I slide the pad into place?

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