What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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you don't even turn it on for 4 months? what did it sound like when you started it?

It was one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. :)

Forgot how my exhaust sounded, it's been so long.

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slapped a new front (right) motor mount and a fresg oil change on it last night. Good God what a difference it makes when the engine isn't just flopping around like a dying bug. I swear it rides and evne sounds better. Taking it to the mountains tonight. Should be fun.

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Guys, I need help...

I bought Akebono rear pads for my S70


are those thing metal pieces the shims... they are stuck on the back of the pad when shipped and I want to make sure I do not put shims on top of shims.

If those are the shims... do I just put brake grease on the back of the shim before I slide the pad into place?


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time for an upgrade.

i have a plane ticket that leaves 6am tomorrow...im driving something else back..... here is a hint. its from a member here

pics asap.

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