What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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I thought about putting some Koni FSDs on the car... priced everything... wanting.... to... pull... the... trigger!!!!

Do it!! Do it!!

I know suspension has been beat to death on this board, but I am so so impressed with my FSD set up. It does such a great job of "maintaining" a stock feel yet providing such better performance when you want to push it, as a suspension set up for a DD performance type ride, I'd say it's hard to beat.

What springs are you going to couple it with? or are you buying the "kit" with the Eibachs? (that's what I have)

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yeah, I liked Koni Yellows but the ride is too rough for me

I was thinking FSDs with H&Rs... the IPDs are toooo low for my liking

Cool...I liked the Eibach combination for that reason in that they didn't drop too low...keeps it every day drivable...

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what was wrong with the blanking plate that you had to seal it?

Made a mistake by not sealing it when it was first put on.

It's just for the peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

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OMG just spent 6 hours working half assed to get a timing belt job done on my car and then a brake job on my friend's car. at least i got paid for the brake job :P

the stupid cams kept moving so it took me like half hour to get the stupid belt on with the right timing :rolleyes:

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