What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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come on ask me!!!!

This isn't about you.

And indirectly: new axle shaft, rear suspension, front switch panel. Dave, I take my comment about the MB's quality back. :lol: Good thing the warranty covered everything.

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What is the OEM brand of Rad Cap?... or is it just the green one?

This is what FCP has

Brand: CRP


? I have one marked Valeo and it's Green along with about 3 of those and a grey cap, not sure what that one is :lol: . Gotta swing by the dealer for a stupid screw so i'll check and maybe pick one up, wouldn't hurt to put a new one on anyways.

Mild detail on the inside, vac and wipe down.

Washed it and then parked her in the garage before the rain hit B) .

False. Everything is about Dave.

wow. kind of hope Darwinism takes its course with those kids and soon.

as for my N/A, it went over 149k on the way home from work. :)

+1 :lol::lol:

Still a baby ;) .

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Dave its always a good idea to keep an extra cap in the car. I've seen these caps split all the way around and barely hold on. Theres no telling when it will let go at that point. I personally keep an oil cap, coolant cap, and some vacuum line in the trunk.

Yeah, I bought two caps... the one in the 850R is gray right now... but it seems fine.... just not sure if the one from FCP is OEM or not that is all.

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