What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Left the car sitting for 7 days at the airport and came back to it not starting. The lights on the dash all worked even after trying to crank it over a couple times. Its been fine for the last 2 months and it just started acting up again. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if it was my alternator.

get autozone to test it they do that stuff for free thats how i found out i needed an alternator

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The AAA guy that gave me a jump tested the battery with one of those portable testers. He said it was definitely the battery. I guess I could still go to AutoZone and have it tested. More likely than not, I am going to have to get the Optima warrantied through Optima and not through PepBoys because PepBoys sucks ass.

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That underbody is pretty half-assed. If you're going to do it, you need to do it well. LEDs generally work better than tubes and you need to put them in the wheel wells, under the dash and under the front seats, especially for a 4 door.

hmm wheel wells I might to get those yet . And wich ones to use for the wheel wells ? straight ones or do they make a curved set ?

I have them for the rest of the car.


Have the engine ready to be pulled tomorrow.

Ordered Red Samcos for coolant and vaccum hoses since almost all the hoses on the car fell apart in my hands :rolleyes:

althought the intercooler hoses look brand new. :)

And no one has changed the tranny , or PS fluid ever in that car.

It smelled like someone took a crap in it.

And I found out that that the passenger side quarter panel had been repainted along with the front bumper but cant find any frame damage or rail damage.

oh there was a part of a montana liscnence plate hold the driver side fog in place :huh:

yeah who the hells know why ?

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ordered powersteering lines from jamie putnam at waltrip volvo seems like a really good guy

just ordered a rack from parts america lifetime warrantee and i dont even have to ship the core just have to take it to a local autozone

how much did that run you and do you have a link ?

I think I need to order one for the R <_<

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partsamerica.com :lol: it was like 418 for ground shipping then i get 120 back for the core, ground shipping was free

heres the link http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDetail....rtNumber=261995

Hmmm I might just have to do that.

for some reason my resivor is full but the its noisey as hell when I turn I think I might have a blockage someplace

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Picked up a set of Kenwood KFC-835C 3.5" speakers to replace the crappy stock speakers in my dash. Was on sale for $30 plus I had credit so I didn't mind lol.



I paid about $16 total b/c of credit so I don't mind if they're only okay speakers. If they're real garbage though then I'll return them. Do you guys know if they're any good?... or at least worth $16 lol

Also found an ooold amp that we used to have in our old '88 Accord I'm gonna install in the car soon, just for fun. A Pioneer GM43A 60 watt amp hah.


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