What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Thought this would be a nice interior mod, sprayed it..

looks great actually. much better in person.


Did this on Thursday with the help of a friend.


more to come soon.

Wired this,


To this..

for now,, I plan on wiring it into the actual trunk dome light, but for now this will do.

Box with a battery and a switch.

Grabbing some Velcro tomorrow for a clean look.

It gives me a bit extra light back there when I otherwise cannot see anything with that weak trunk dome.


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What was the problem with the electrical issue?

When I shift into drive, the radio cuts out and restarts. Also get individual static through the radio when it goes through every gear down to drive. I also get multiple bulb out warnings and stop light warnings, but none of them are burnt out.

Left turn signal, radio reboots again and it will go between super fast flasher and normal. Hit the brake, same thing.

It was a pain in the ass. Ended up being a loose ground wire.

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How's the new S80 drive? Cmon, we all know you've redlined it by now.

No pics, but I replaced both front door checks (both were broken off inside the door), welded & replaced ext window track on driver door, and tried to figure out how to make an aux port on my sc816 w/o $$.. no luck :(

The other day (didn't post) I custom wired the horn to an old power mirror switch -- the steering wheel button was broken, ghetto fix.

Just ordered my hybrid boost controller, can't wait for that.

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How exactly did that ground get knocked loose Reid? :D

Actually, now that I look back, it's just gotten progressively worse. I remember the radio cutting out on a left turn on Avalon from Waterford Chase specifically. It surfaced sporadically once every few months but I didn't think anything of it. I'm sure my unfortunate event didn't help though :rolleyes:

How's the new S80 drive? Cmon, we all know you've redlined it by now.

A lot more comfy than my car :lol:

Sluggish though. And gas mileage was rather pitiful, even when I wasn't romping around in it. However, I'll never plop my ass in more comfortable seats than those...and the paint is gorgeous!

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rear sway bar and a few bolts and done.

You mean I need to pull the rear sway bar, or that it's a good time to put a bigger one in?

Obvious - I understand. The diagrams for the iPd sway install make it very clear. Question is, should I be doing both of the bushings as a precaution. How often do they tend to go? The left & right rubber bushings look fine, it was the collar around the PS bushing that snapped off the mount.

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