What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Well I have a huge list

Finished install on train horns

installed all new LEDs for turns and back up lights

put in HIDS and moved over lights from the other car

installed two amps and 500 watt Phoniex gold for the sub and a 4 channel for the door speakers

figured out why the liscnes plate was off , I forget to plug it in lol

washed it - after I took pics

oh and my favorite got a check engine light <_< on the way home

tommarrow is isntall the radio and switch over the last of my stuff to the R and I am done

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I spent about $317, but that included a water pump, and a little over $400 on machine work on the head. I didn't worry about the tbelt because it was only a month old.

Then I had the turbo rebuilt by gpopshop for around $350 because it was screwed, and got the trans rebuilt again, but luckily it was under warranty. Moral of the story; stay away from voodoo boost controllers.

Today I had a bad dream where I was stopped waiting for a truck to make a turn, and I got rear ended hard and pushed into the trailer in front of me. So when I woke up I looked out back to make sure it was alright. I don't want to think of getting 2-3000 for a $8000 investment.

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