What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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I am. 200 e-mails sent and received since 8am

Earth to Dave, effective spammers don't hand code their emails. And they send out millions of emails per hour. :ph34r::lol:

Just kidding but honestly it amazes me how many of my coworkers measure their productivity by:

1. How full their inbox is and how many emails they send out

2. How full their day is with meetings on top of meetings

Unless your job is to send out invoices or communicate directly with customers then those two metrics are most likely demonstration of going through the motions rather than actually accomplishing anything. Spammers excluded. Most of what they're doing is wasting time by pushing paper - electronic as it may be - through the corporate bureaucratic system. That and sitting in a room with a bunch of other people who are all busy writing emails while they're supposed to be focusing on the topic at hand - which inevitably leads to more meetings because the problem they were supposed to be focusing on wasn't really resolved in the previous meeting.

Productivity = EITHER how much did I contribute to the bottom line ($ profits) today OR how much ($ costs) did I save the company.


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Cut some shiz, fixed some shiz, added some performance shiz. thats it.


... I really got a -4 for that?

if you REALLY want to know...

I cut the snow gaurd off where the stock intake should be to try and get a little extra cool air into the bay...

I fixed some loose ends... like re ran the wires where they were before I went thru the engine bay doing a stage 0-1 +pcv and all that good shiz that came in my many orders to ipd, fcp, and eeuro.

and the performance stuff... well I forgot, but I did something.

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Corey gave me a hand installing my Koni Adj. rear shocks today. The first one I thought the counterhold on the piston was a torx when it was an allen and stripped out the head, not sure what I'm going to do about that. I'll figure it out Tuesday after the trip to KY. :lol:

The other one went smooth though, go figure. :angry:

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Ah goddammit..I'll take a second look at the sensors tomorrow, and if I don't find anything, its going to the dealer to have the ABS codes read. I'm sick of those damn ABS lights.

And no, I still don't have any ABS or TRACS, its been about a week since the ABS light came on. I'm pretty frustrated at this point.

No luck with anything visual on the sensors and/or wiring monkey.gif and while I was down there looking around, I noticed I need a new passenger side outer CV boot. This keeps getting better rolleyes.gif

To the dealer it goes dry.gif

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