What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Found where my car was leaking out all of its coolant. That little rubber hose coolant hose for the turbo had a tear right where the clamp was, on the side where it connects to the smaller metal line from the turbo. Removed the clamp and cut off a bit of the hose and am going to connect it back tomorrow. Would have finished it today but I'm tired and stressed out about things.

you should really replace that hose :rolleyes:

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pretty sure the speedo is different.. in -95 vs 96+

Installed D2 coilovers

removed propus and had some idiot dismount the tires and cut two of the beads...:angry:

Did this too




all for this little piece of sh!t


so far also reclocked the turbo pulled timing belt, pulled cam seals.

Also found out there's a broken off bolt holding my transmission case together.....guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

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Yesterday I mounted my MBC, ran a USB cabled for the Turbo Tuner in through the passenger side pass through, and relocated the coil so my coil wire wasn't maxed out to the distributor.

Then went for a drive to log some more pulls. :)

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