What Did You Do To Your Car Today.


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Ecu uses oil to keep it cool. Pulls it thru pin 2 and 8.

HA, funny guy.

I was losing oil previously until I changed my oil... it stayed pretty steddy until I put the ARD Tune in. I have been stomping on it... thought the turbo was fine, I guess not.

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its common to burn oil in these 15 year old cars Dave... here is my method

oil change/filter add 5.6us qt

1k miles later: add the left over oil from the 6qt you bought...

2kmiles change oil/filter

*its also common to have some oil blow by your turbo in a 15 year old volvo, inspect your intercooler pipes, if they are caked then you have a problem. If they have some oil in them your fine.

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Clay bared the entire SR, did three stages of wax (paint cleaner, carnuba, and polish which includes the pegs), scrubbed and cleaned the fire blanket, leather conditioned the seats and door panels, and checked tire pressure!


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