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So, you want the Fox News version? :)

Haha, no. I don't like them either. All I'm really pointing out here is that you have to take anything and everything from any news agency with a grain of salt... and that it's not difficult to "report the facts" and sway the viewer because of the facts that get reported.

You are really reaching with this. I don't see how you keep coming up with the delivery guy as the bad guy here. You seem to be the only one who sees it this way. Are you a Dominos driver yourself?

All news sources state age if it is known. They have done this for at least the last 30 years and probably well before that.

Not saying the delivery guy is the bad guy. Never have, never will deliver pizza.

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It's a blatant and typical CNN report against gun ownership.

Listen to the reporter he almost slows down when he says "S E M I A U T O M A T I C" handgun. If the shooter had a pistol, the reporter would have said "handgun" not "pistol". It's obvious when one actually looks at the report itself rather than its story. He could have just said had a "gun". He did say the victim only had a cell phone. Gee, poor thief. The pizza guy didn't get the memo in time.

Take the info, sure it's valuable, but what's far more valuable is to recognize the provocative choice of words, delivery, and sequence editing in the piece CNN created to feed you.

Obviously trying to muddle the moral clarity here.

The community is scared. What a terrbile thing to have happen. What thing? The robbery or the shooting? CNN will try to leave every viewer looking at each other wondering.

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This reminds me of the town mom who has nothing better to do than read too far into everything done in her kids school.

Teacher: OK, class. Today we are splitting into three groups. Group 1 will be billy, steven, and thomas. Group 2 will be...


Teacher: Um... no, they are just random groups based on what row the child is sitting in.

Mom: Then why didn't you just name them red group, blue group, green group?

Seriously, that's what you guys sound like. I'll leave it at that.

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