New 18t, Remote, Hl Bulbs, Center Caps...


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I need to free up some cash so I'm looking to offer a few parts to all you VS members. All shipped prices are within the continental US. All shipping is done via UPS ground.

I have a brand new 18T turbo, still in it's original plastic. $850 shipped Sold

5 new Volvo center caps. PN 30666913 $45 shipped all five. Sold

5 brand new Volvo Sylvania 9006 headlight bulbs. PN 989827 $45 shipped for all five.


One used (2006-7?) S60 grill. PN 30698617 $50 shipped obo Sold

One used 98 S/V 70 remote. Excellent condition. PN 9166200 $20 shipped. Sold

I also have a few headlamps/parts available as well. S60 HID, S80 HID, ballasts, bulbs, igniters available. I will post more pics if interested.

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where in jersey are you i might be interested in an hid kit and a few other things

I'm located in Somerset county, not too far from Bernards Twp. Btw, I don't have any hid kits, just a couple oem HID assemblies and oem HID components. No wiring or plug-in-play kits.

will the grill fit an s70?

I don't believe it will fit.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.