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46 minutes ago, JoshV70 said:

So when do you gut it and cage it? lol

Grapjas :biggrin:

Not for the time being. It is a great car but I have been having serious issues with the brakes. The car received it's third set of discs today. Maybe the only modification I want to do is to make better air ducts for the front brakes. All other the car is fun. Just started exploring the suspension adjustment capabilities. Currently the car was a bit to understeering for my liking. Or a bit to heavy turn in better said. 

A bigger blast to drive compared to the 6 cylinder. 

Decided to trade the V60 btw. 


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On 6/14/2017 at 3:22 PM, Commander Riker said:

Those wheels. :wub:


Looking forward to your driving impressions and comparisons.  What are the specs?


On 6/15/2017 at 3:47 AM, ErikS said:

Looks like the competition package.


Yes, Competition Package. 550Nm/450HP. CP comes with different suspension settings, differential settings, Rims 20"x9/10 with 265/285 tires, blacked out chrome parts, slightly different interior bits like fi the seats. 

Added Alcantara steering wheel,


And M-Performance front splitter,


Car is a beast to drive. Although the Polestar is a great car, specially for the money here in my country, it can't beat the feel of the M3. The Polestar is basically to much a good Volvo. To clean and to friendly. 

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On 6/21/2017 at 10:19 PM, ErikS said:

Did you get the carbon ceramic brake upgrade?

No. The car was sitting in a showroom and I bought it as is. Also some people advice against ceramics when a car sees a lot of gravel. The driveway of the new house is gravel and I have a lot of issues with the Polestar brakes where stones get behind the dust covers. Besides the horrendous squealing these stones can wreck ceramic rotor surfaces. 

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