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Yesterday, Sunday April 5th, I went to the annual Volvo "Eland" meeting together with the person who bought my SD2.

The former SD2 S70, now running a 2003 T5 engine, K24 turbo, 3" turboback exhaust, dyno'd at 375+ crank HP, and me driving the SD-C (or nowadays called the GT850-RS :rolleyes: ) were just entering the highway when a Porsche 996 GT3 came from behind a few cars back in row. The GT3 was in a hurry and the guy was showing it by pushing cars in front of him. Since we were entering the highway we let him pass and while driving in traffic in the left lane for a while there appeared to be coming blue smoke puffs from the right rear of the car. I guess a valve cover must have been leaking or so.

After traffic cleared the GT3 went WOT and the S70 followed and of course I didn't want to be left alone.. :lol:

To my surprise the GT3 was no match and both Volvo's kept sticking to it's bumper. Not so much a surprise for the S70 but for my 850 which didn't have any problems keeping the pace. For the next 25 or so miles we kept driving behind and the S70 also in front of the GT3 for a while where it clearly walked away from the Porsche. At one point the speed went up as high as 150 mph but I backed off at ~135 during this run because all kinds of road dirt and stone chips started smashing the front of my car and I also noticed oily/greasy stuff on the windshield... Shortly after the Porsche took an exit and we drove on at a more legal pace.

The windshield was extremely dirty and greasy so i put on the wipers and added some washer fluid, wrong move, after which it became one big mess.. :angry: Eventually most wiped off.

Once arrived at the destination the S70 driver told me he also had this same dirt on the windshield but then I noticed the whole car was covered in oil .. .







A nice thank you from the Porsche driver.. <_<

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with superchargers the more psi you go the hotter the compressed air gets and you loose power.

Same is true of turbochargers... ;)

turbo by far more efficient

Bingo. Not only are centrifugal pumps more efficient, the setup of the turbocharger lends to much less friction.. less parasitic loss = less power the engine has to supply to compress the air to make more power :lol:

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SDM didn't pass the inspection last Monday.

Overall the car was OK but between the last check and the inspection itself the passenger side inner CV boot was damaged and leaking grease which isn't allowed.

A nice big mess underneath the gearbox ...


The second issue was the tire rub marks in the wheel arches...



Most are old marks yet the inspectors keep nagging about it.

During inspection there were no signs of any tire rub but these marks combined with the condition of the tires probably scared the inspector.

With the inspection the car needs to be approved at which point here is a chance the inspector can be selected for a second opinion check from the RDW, the Dutch Road Transport Directorate. If they find any flaws the inspector can lose his license so overall these people aren't very forgiving.

To be honest.. I can understand why the tires made the whole thing "questionable".. :lol:


Leftovers from the last rack event...

New boot is in already. Need to score some proper tires and I added larger steering limiters.

See if it will be approved tomorrow.

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